What is Mobile Journalism?

Mobile Journalism is the new emerging trend in the field of Journalism in which we use Mobile devices for News gathering. Mobile Journalism is also called MoJo. It provides us cross-platform creativity and mobility with digital innovation.

In 2015, BBC reporter Nick Garnett covered the Nepal earthquake, and used a smartphone along with traditional equipment to cover the disaster for radio and online.

Nick Garnett



MoJo is useful and convenient because:

  • It’s Easy
  • It’s Fast (GO LIVE IN 90 SECONDS) Other media will have to arrange a full broadcast crew
  • Independent
  • Go Unnoticed
  • Get Closer
  • Break Barriers (get Interview Easily)
  • Save Costs

By 2020, Mobile Journalism will dominate News, because Mobile journalism is a form of digital storytelling where the primary device used for creating and editing images, audio and video is a smartphone. The small size of the device enables shots and angles that are impossible on a conventional television camera.

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