7 essential tools, to identify fake pictures and news

Fake News and pictures are the biggest challenge now a days faced by social media and online user all over the world. This dilemma influenced more than true pictures and news. Specially journalists and the news agencies are more curious and keep eye on the fake pictures and fake news. Daily hundreds of news and pictures received by news agencies and news channels which are doubtful or not trustworthy. Here are some important and useful online tools to identify fake pictures and fake news.

Google Reverse image search

Google reverse image search gives you the results of same or relevant images wherever used on internet. Simply go to images.google.com and drag and drop the image you want to reverse search.

Yandex image search

Yandex is Russian based search engine which is popular in most popular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. Simply go to Yandex search engine and click on images then drag and drop the image you want to search for fake or real in the yandex search bar and get results.

Google Maps

Google Maps gives you the location based proof about a specific picture. If any picture which has a doubt of location based fake, use google maps. Simply go to google map search that are and match the environment, location, surroundings, etc.  Google Maps gives you the geographical data about the picture.


Mapillary is the street-level detailed imagery tool to use world maps. Basically mapillary is the crowd souse platform on which people share and fix the locations on maps, so one can easily explore the detailed location data about a specific picture or news.


Worldwide weather history and forecast platform Wunderground  is the useful too to get a location based weather data, forecast and reports. To get weather report for a specific day and date go to Wunderground history and get the weather history.


SunCalc is the small online application which provides the interactive direction of sun for a specific location and shadow details.


Forensically is an application of free tools for picture/image forensics, like clone detection, image analytics and Meta data extraction.

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