What is Adobe Captivate?

This is an age of e-learning and if I say mobile learning it won’t be wrong. As time passes by computer technology is evolved and almost every field of professional has adopted the computers, from business to medical science etc. Learning is integral part of human civilizations to grow and be safe and to rule other species of the planet.

For this purpose man has always transferred the knowledge to upcoming generations through different means, cave man has painted the figures to let us understand about them and so on. Books are great way and source to transfer knowledge and to learn from generations before us.

E-learning is very common nowadays, to cater current need Adobe has very good tool called Adobe Captivate. Adobe Captivate offer you responsive project settings. Responsive means your project can take shape according to your device. So in Adobe Captivate you can publish your e-learning project in desktop, tablet and mobile format simultaneously, this is really a great feature. You can make corporate trainings, e-leaning course, m-learning course and instructional design.

Adobe Captivate is users friendly and allow lots of images format like GIF, JEPG, BMP, ICO, PSD etc., and also allow sound files WAV, MP3 and video files AVI, MOV etc. If you are trainer and not a programmer you have great tool that is Adobe Captivate, which gives you hands on whole screen capturing of your desktop computer, specific application or certain area of your computer. Not only this Adobe Captivate allow you to import your Power Point slides and make interactive, further more Adobe Captivate has readymade templets which can be used for users convenience.

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